Paramount Holiday is a responsible holiday trip adviser based in Kathmandu. We are specializing in trekking and hiking around the Nepal Himalaya. Moreover also considered Cultural tour and social research with mountain trekking. Furthermore,  providing the tour service in pilgrim and religious areas cultural tours, special holidays and exploratory activities across the Himalayas.

Though traveling in Nepal, you will have a full practice and observe of adventure, culture, and diversity. Addition incredible White Mountain and crossing many passes views surrounded by an unforgettable incident of your lifetime. Paramount Holiday provided the service on your choice.  We recommend you to walk through the highland of the world, deepest gruff of the world, ancient salt trade route, terraced rice fields, the traditional religion custom, culture, and rituals.

Paramount Holiday involves a set of well-experienced Staff who have in good physical profile and deep knowledge in trekking, sightseeing, mountaineering and Expedition in Nepal. Our company is situated in the center of Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. The quality of the trips and safety of the participants is our primary obtain.
We are offering the most popular trail available to the middle of the Great Himalayan range Everest (Mt. Everest 8848m.)Base camp. At the same way, other areas where one can find the hidden natural resources, and many different tribes linked by the rich cultural and religious heritage.

Natural Beauty Trip with Paramount Holiday

The natural beauty is hidden nature with culture and religion. Paramount Holiday makes a variety of paradise for adventure tourism and refreshing our soul. We are advising on the nature site much foot trail destination like as Everest base camp trip (top o the world peak), Annapurna circuit trail (famous trail and deepest gorse of the world). In extra chronological place mustang, ancient lifestyle eco-friendly trek Manasalu, Dolpa Lantang, and many more. In Nepal, you can explore around twenty protected areas (12 national parks, 1 wildlife reserve 6 conservation area, and 1 hunting reserve) trips.

you can find 8 world highest peaks out of 14 in the world in Nepal. As the same way, 35 % of the land occupies to the forest, 25% of the land national park and protected. In addition, Nepal has a variety of cultural group 125 ethnic groups and 123 local dialogues in area of Nepal. Whereas one can study the social research activities’ offering by Paramount Holiday.

Cultural Beauty  Explore with us


On the Culture and Religion side, we offer seven monuments of Kathmandu valley which is one of the world heritage sites of Nepal.  There are Seven points the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley (3 durbars square – Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, and 4 historical temples – Pashupatinath, Swayamnath, Baudanath, Changunarayan).  This places you can enjoy with Many movements of civilization Kathmandu. Out of Kathmandu valley, the birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini is one of the world heritage sites of Nepal.  Janaki Mandir Janakpur Dhanusa Dham, Gorkha Durbar, Palpa durbar, Nuwakot, a holy place of Showorgadwari (Heaven door ) temple Pyuthan and other many famous places are interested to visit.  Even more, here are many ethnic groups in a different way of living areas Pokhara, Bharatpur, Illam, Nepalgunj, etc. You can find More than 1200 monasteries, 3000 temples and more than 100 shadows of God around in Nepal.

In such a way, we will provide service – trekking, hiking, ethnic-cultural heritage tour, pilgrim site trips.  An additional, we will organize the expedition, white water rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, animal hunting,  and more. We are offering much smaller and bigger trekking and holiday trips in Nepal suiting your pocket and interest. If someone basically needs some help discovering the prosperity of Kathmandu and Nepal, frequently consider. Moreover, you can get verities of the service trip to Tibet, Bhutan, and India as well.  We have a range of exciting packages that you can be modified to your budget and time schedules.